39 Animals With Awesome Super Powers

These Creatures Are Way Cooler Than Super Heroes!

The Mimic Octopus

The Mimic Octopus

The Indonesian Mimic Octopus sure knows how to blend in. Many creatures can use camouflage, changing colours to match their surroundings. But the mimic octopus is the only one that will impersonate other species to avoid being eaten.

Somewhere in that tiny octopus brain it knows which other ocean dwellers are safe because of their poison or harmful appendages. The mimic Octo will change colours and shape to look exactly like one of it’s more dangerous friends in hopes of being passed over for lunch.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, our mimic can even pose as a predator of the fish that’s trying to eat him. Some regular copied looks are a sea snake, a sole fish or jellyfish. What an intelligent invertebrate.

The Super Mighty Platypus

The Super Mighty Platypus via Melbourne Zoo

This really cute and sweet animal has quite a few super powers… First of all, it has the awesome power of electroreception! What is that you ask? It is the power to receive electrical impulses underwater. This astonishing power allows the platypus to communicate under water and locate objects.

Superpower number two: The male platypus has venom-producing glands located under the skin of his back limbs. The male uses this venom to defend himself, and during mating season, the venom concentration gets very higs being so powerful, that it can cause intense pain in humans and dogs.

Immortal Jellyfish

Immortal Jellyfish

The secret to immortality might lie under the sea. The scarlet jellyfish is an amazing species that can restart her own life cycle. When injured, the jellyfish can return to the ocean floor and turn herself back into a polyp, the juvenile form of a jellyfish. From there, she spends a couple of months growing back into a fully rejuvenated adult. Researchers have witnessed one jellyfish performing the cycle 12 times.

Pistol Shrimp

Pistol Shrimp

Everyone loves a good shrimp cocktail, but you won’t be eating any of these pistol packin little guys. The Pistol Shrimp’s superpower is that it has a massive single claw that can snap down and kill many of it’s predators. While only around 1-2 inches in size, the claw is about half that size which is pretty large considering it’s on a tiny shrimp. It’s scientific name “alpheidae” makes it one of the species in the snapping shrimp family. Another neat trick it has is that if it loses it’s main claw for any reason, another smaller claw will grow in it’s place. Regenerating limbs? That’s definitely a super power.

The salamander

The salamander via Smithsonian National Zoological Park

The salamander have insane healing skills and can regrow whole limbs. You've probably heard that lizards can regrow lost tails and while that is pretty cool, salamanders have them beat. Their superpower is that they can actually regenerate entire lost limbs!