5 Amazing Gadgets and Camping Equipment that every Camping Enthusiast Must Have!

If you love going outdoors into the wild you will like this list. It has a innovative camp tent, a lantern, a portable multi-fuel campfire and some really useful camping gear!

2. Siesta4 Tent

Siesta4 Tent

Ultra-Reflective fly fabric + built-in fans = the best sleep when camping. Even in blazing sunshine! After sunrise, the Siesta4 is dramatically cooler and darker than a typical tent, so you won’t get woken up by heat or light! Ultra-reflective fly blocks infrared heat, ultraviolet, and visible light. We developed our own unique fabric to ensure performance and durability. Uncompromising performance in the cold, rain, and wind. Closable mesh keeps out drafts, sand and dirt. Ultra-quiet, 8-inch USB fans keep the tent even cooler, especially when the doors are closed.

Siesta4: Heat & Light Blocking Tent with Fans - Price $349

3. GRAYL Ultralight

GRAYL Ultralight

Fast & easy. takes only 15 seconds. It's a joy to use and may very well be the only water bottle that anyone, anywhere, will ever need. Remarkably, the Ultralight does NOT require batteries, UV bulbs, chemicals, pumping, sucking, squeezing or prolonged waiting. 

PURIFIER BOTTLES - Pre-order Price $59

4. The World's Smartest Outdoor Lantern.

The World's Smartest Outdoor Lantern.

We’ve combined the latest smart technology and cutting edge design to create a beautiful, rugged, outdoor camping lantern. You can control it from a distance, changing the brightness, choosing the color, or setting it to flash, all with a Bluetooth app on your smartphone. The lanterns also comes with weather sensors which can even alert you to possible changes in weather. It’s light years ahead!

O2Tech's Lantern - Price $70

5. ROO - The World's Best Camping Hammock

ROO - The World's Best Camping Hammock

The hammock is still comfortable, but as is common with large hammocks pulled “tight,” you experience what I call the “canoe” or “bathtub” effect, where the sides of the hammock are tighter than the center, creating a deep pocket or bucket seat.

ROO from  Kammok : Price $99.00

6. Campfire In A Can

Campfire In A Can

Campfire In A Can designs are full of innovative features that campers want. how do we know? we're campers too! Fun at the campground or in the backyard, no matter where you go, take your campfire with you!

Campfire In A Can