15 Insanely Surreal Photos Coldplay's New Video 'Up & Up' Gives You

New 'A Head Full of Dreams' single explores the band's sense of wonder

Watch Coldplay Become Giants in the ‘Up&Up’ Video

Coldplay’s latest album is called “A Head Full of Dreams,” and the title seems to have inspired the band’s latest video for the LP’s third single, “Up&Up.”

The band Chris Martin was particularly impressed with the new video for the song, released yesterday. Directed by duet Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia, respectively videographer and photographer training, the clip of "Up & Up" is absolutely magical. When your previous video co-stars Beyoncé, this is what you gotta do to follow it up.

The group abandoned the aesthetics of the "feel good" music, for an atmosphere that plays with scale and size that defies all rational laws of the Universe: gigantic musicians backed by huge mountains, turquoise ocean that replaced the sky, popcorn that erupts in a volcano, manatees that swim above the new York skyline ... the result is astonishing and puzzling. Like a dream, it’s a weird thing to follow, and a linear narrative is clearly an afterthought.

Surreal images that feature the band as larger-than-life figures playing in the clouds, space, and lounging on mountaintops mix with archival footage of people doing remarkable things in ordinary places.

Listen Get A Head Full Of Dreams now:

- RollingTune