From abnormal baby mermaids to insane extra limbs, these are 15 children you won't believe actually exist!

1. Child with Parasitic Twin Attached at the Head

Conjoined twins are more common than many think and, unfortunately, they usually share organs. This makes separation nearly impossible. In this case, the child with only half of a body is considered a “parasitic twin” because it only survives off the life of the other. Separation of this type of conjoined twins is possible, but the removal of the twin who has no motor functions is controversial because the other child does not have the ability to survive on its own.

2. Child with Sirenomelia

Sirenomelia, also known as “Mermaid Syndrome” is a congenital deformity of the legs. In these cases, the child is born with the legs fused together. More often than not, children born with this deformity do not live more than a day or two due to lack of proper organ development. There have been a handful of children who survived and also underwent surgery to separate the legs. Though the surgeries were successful, the children have complications with waste disposal, the frailty of bones and muscles in the legs, and kidney malfunctions. 

3. Baby with Rose-colored Birthmark

This type of birthmark is commonly called a “port-wine stain” and is caused by a vascular anomaly of the area. Usually, this kind of birthmark occurs on the face, like on this baby, but it can also occur on the neck and upper trunk. In early life, the birthmark is usually bright pink or red and darkness to a wine color with age. 

4. Little Girls with Microcephaly

Microcephaly is the occurrence of a smaller than normal head. This condition occurs when the baby’s brain does not develop properly in the womb. Sometimes it occurs on its own and sometimes it is accompanied by other birth defects. In the case of these two little girls, microcephaly was caused by the Zika Virus, which is contracted by certain types of mosquitos. 

5. Boy Born with Extra Limbs

This young boy was born with a set of legs and two small arms growing out of his stomach. Cases like these almost always result from the presence of a parasitic twin. The more dominant twin will absorb the other in the womb. In some cases, the twin is only partially absorbed. 

6. Boy with Elephantitis of the Legs

Elephantitis is the swelling of body parts caused by inflammation. This may be caused by environmental issues, genetics, or trauma. In this boy’s case, he contracted it from a flesh-eating bacteria. He is bound to his bed and cannot wear typical clothes because his legs are too wide. He is a 10-year-old from Uganda. 

7. Child with Hydrocephalus

Hydrocephalus is caused by an overproduction of spinal fluid that builds up causing the skull to stretch. This gives the skull a bulbous and veiny appearance. This condition is usually congenital but is sometimes acquired later in life by environmental factors. 

8. Conjoined Twins Who Survived Separation and Prospered

These twins were born conjoined at the stomach. They were great candidates for separation because all of their major organs were separate. The twins were successfully separated and were able to function as any normal children would once they were fully healed. With improving medical technology, the chances of success after separation are high depending on the extent of organs shared by the twins. These two were very lucky and only really shared skin and nerves, this made their separation much simpler than most. 

9. Child Born without a Sternum

The Sternum is better known as the “breast bone.” This child was born without a sternum causing difficulty breathing. This condition is extremely rare and will cause life-long problems with breathing, digestion, and growth of the torso. When this child is older, it may qualify for the insertion of a prosthetic sternum if it lives to be old enough for the surgery. Children with abnormalities like these have a high chance of SIDS and sometimes do not make it to past the first year. 

10. Child with Hypertrichosis

Hypertrichosis is a condition that causes hair growth over the entire body. It is a genetic condition and is often called “Werewolf Syndrome”. This rare condition does not have many treatment options, especially for children. Often times, whole families will have hypertrichosis, this is better because children with conditions like these can suffer extreme bullying by their peers causing emotional damage. 



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