A Gadget that Turns a Banana into a Tasty Dessert!

This Gadget Lets You Inject Bananas with Chocolate Filling and Other Goodies

Destapa Banana Core

If you like your bananas, then this one is perfect for you… Destapa Banana is cute device that lets you insert chocolate or caramel syrup into a banana. DestapaBanana is a new invention by Argentinian Sebastian Berger that allows you to core and then stuff unpeeled bananas with any liquify treat of your choosing.

One may have often through about what a banana would taste like with chocolate filling the inside, or even more, but today those dreams and thoughts can come to reality.

Fit the banana vertically into the contraption and use a metal pole to make a hole into it… then all you have to do is squirt in the chocolate or caramel filling to make yourself a sweet fruity surprise. Today we get a look at the interesting and rather dope, DestapaBanana.

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