BTS new MV “Fire” reached 11 Million Views and Release the Dance Version of 'Fire' MV

BTS, beloved all over the world for their "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life" album series in 2015, will release a special album.

BTS IS BACK  ! With a 2016 Kpop Music video dance track, showing their unbelievable skills and it was FIRE! Can't wait to check out their album.

Big Hit Entertainement’s Bangtan Boys are back with their most intense comeback track yet. “Fire” (불타오르네) is the 3rd song to complete boys’ year-long trilogy, “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life” (화양연화), alongside “I Need U” and “RUN”. The song was released on 1st May and it has already topped all the South Korean music charts!

Unlike the first 2 slower songs from the trilogy, “Fire” is an upbeat electronic dance track that combines trap percussions and sick beat drops. The song also features amazing rap sections, group chants, and a catchy chorus.

With over 3 million views on YouTube in just 2 days, the group’s music video starts off with the boys meeting at an empty lot behind a building, and their hit song 

 “DOPE” (쩔어) can be heard playing in the background. A suspicious hooded man is seen walking towards them, moving in to shake hands with member Suga, before setting himself on fire.

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BTS-Fire(Dance ver,)

Just when it couldn't get hot enough, BTS have now released a new dance MV for their track "Fire"! 

The group's dance videos are always something to look forward to, and the new one for "Fire" doesn't disappoint. In fact, BTS say that this may be their hardest dance ever!