Comparison between Custom and Off-the-shelf Application Development Solutions

Gateway TechnoLabs has been providing software solutions to businesses across many industry verticals. We would be able to help you appraise the benefits of the various solutions and provide the one best suited to your supplies.

One of the toughest calls for business owners is to choose between ready-made off the shelf solutions and custom application development solutions. The dilemma of whether to buy or build IT solutions has always been a difficult one. It’s not just the cost of devoting resources to do so or the cost benefit of buying a ready solution that one has to consider. These days digital transformation is all about empowering businesses with the right tools to help them position themselves in the market and perform equally well. So before you take a pick on the kind of solutions that you should invest in, consider the following:

Key Features to Look for

Businesses usually apply the 80/20 rule to eliminate options while evaluating them. The same guideline can be implemented in this case too. Evaluate the various off-the-shelf solutions to see whether they fulfill at least 80% of your requirements. If the solution does not fulfill this golden rule, it is best to go for custom application development as you would be able to create tailor made solutions for organization. When using the 80/20 rule remember to also assess the priority of the various requirements.

Degree of Customization

Ready-made solutions can be customized/ tweaked to fulfill your requirements in a better manner. However, one has to be cautious as the degree to which you can customize these solutions is pivotal to its successful implementation. Not every ‘off-the-shelf’ solution is as scalable or flexible as you would expect it to be. Weigh the cost of having to customize it to the cost and benefits of building one right from the scratch.

Value for Money

Ready-made solutions are designed to cater to a huge spectrum of target audience and hence are loaded with a wide variety of features. Half of these features might not be suited to your organization. Hence, you end-up paying for a whole batch of features you are never going to use. Besides paying for it, you would also have to take up training and process workarounds for the same. It would be best to evaluate these costs vs. cost benefits of custom application development.

Adaptability and Scalability

Software solutions are a good investment if they are future-proof and can be adapted to grow as the company grows. Whether you opt for Commercial Off-The-Shelf solutions or go for custom application development solutions, you’ll have to ensure that they are scalable to suit the growing requirements of your organization. Otherwise, you would have to invest in another software solution in just a couple of years.

Ongoing Expense vs. Initial Expenses

Both custom solutions and off-the-shelf have different costs associated with it. There is a common misconception that Custom solutions are expensive. This is because ongoing expenses such as licenses and downtime for upgrades in the case of ready-made solutions are often overlooked.

Choosing between either solutions is not an easy task. You need to assess the various features carefully before settling in for one. Gateway TechnoLabs A leading custom application development company has been providing software solutions to businesses across various industry verticals. We would be able to help you evaluate the benefits of the various solutions and provide the one best suited to your requirements.

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