Gusttavo Lima launches new song "Que Pena Que Acabou"

This video is part of the new Gusttavo Lima album, 50/50.

Gusttavo Lima - Que Pena Que Acabou - DVD 50/50 (Vídeo Oficial)

Singer Gusttavo Lima has just launched its new work song "Que Pena Que Acabou." The song is part of the new DVD of the singer "50/50" recorded on 25 and 26 March at the Lagoon Spa Park in Cadas Novas / GO.

"Que Pena Que Acabou" is a composition of jujube, Hiago Noble, Bruno Moral and Xuxinha. The musical production was in charge of Dudu Borges. The music video will be available on the official channel of the singer next week.

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