"Single's day", the day when the Chinese singles explode counters Alibaba, AliExpress

November 11 "singles day" in China, is also the one where the e-commerce giant makes its biggest sales of the year. He now tries to do adopt the principle in the world.

Now is the Singles Day, the festival of shopping via the Internet created by Alibaba. Neither Black Friday or Cyber Monday come to move so much money on a single day as the consumerist feast come the largest communist country on the face of the earth, China.

The creation of Singles Day is relatively recent and its conversion into day discounts on purchases online through Tmall, AliExpress or even more, but last year showed that it had already become a key day for the world economy.

It is best understood with figures: In 2009 were only 27 businesses that participated in Alibaba party or AliExpress, in 2015, they did more than 90,000 stores and 50,000 brands. The result was an absolute record in online sales: 14 Million euros in just 24 hours. This year has already exceeded that amount in just 12 hours.

The November 11 is celebrated the day of singles (Singles Day). In other countries is another day, but in China is crazy and the most important day of the year, especially for online marketers, who dispatched in 24 hours, a third of the turnover of the whole year.

On this day, AliExpress is filled with tempting offers in 100 million items, which in some cases exceed 70% discount, and there will endure until seven o'clock this Friday.

What is the best buy?

Single Day is best to buy on sites like AliExpress, but what?

Technology. Mainly, if you're thinking about buying a new mobile (and free as well), this is the best time of the year. You can find deals on Apple products (as k-tuin adds to the strategy), Samsung or Sony (mainly on eBay) or Chinese next generation mobile are delighting each and are beginning to overtake the other major brands (if you always wanted to do with Xiaomi a Meizu or Huawei, there's no time).

eBay, for example, has organized a competition for the Singles Day in which gives the winners an Apple TV with a one-year subscription to Spotify a BB-8 Star Wars droid and a flying drone.

The Xiaomi or Meizu, highly recommended, mobile can be found on AliExpress with 30% discount during this Single Day.

Sport. AliExpress is offering something outside technology on Singles Day. Specifically, products of renowned sports brand Li-Ning, which is 45% more expensive; Rockbross sports equipment, with discounts of 75% and a vast catalog of other brands.


If there is something which stands AliExpress is in the section of clothing. Here in Spain has not come Tmall, but in China known brands such as Zara and H & M sold in the Singles Day with huge discounts.

Through the Spanish AliExpress website we can not access these brands but, in any case, there are great deals in textiles, watches or winter clothes of good quality.

And you ? Have you participated in the frenzy?

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