Tokyo Ravens Manga Ends on July 2017

Tokyo Ravens Manga Ends on July 2017

Tokyo Ravens Manga Ends on July 2017

The edition of Kadokawa’s Shonen Ace Magazine has stated last Monday that the creator of Tokyo Ravens, Atsushi Suzumi will end the manga version in the said magazine’s edition in July. The 14th volume of the manga series previously released in March and according to the source, the 15th volume will be the last one to publish.

The manga inspired Kouhei Azano’s Tokyo Ravens light novel series.

Plot of the Story

The original version of supernatural fantasy light novel series focused around Harutora, a boy from the family of Tsuchimikado of onmyōdō occult practitioners. The boy lacks the ability to perceived the spirit energy so he became an ordinary high school student. A girl named Natsume is a childhood friend of Harutora and known to be the next leader of the Tsuchimikado family.When she reunites with Harutora, his future changes.

About The Anime

Suzumi from Venus Versus Virus, Nightmare go Round released the manga in Monthly Shonen Ace in the year 2014. The Book Walker has released the 11 volumes manga series which is translated in English.

Other manga versions of Tokyo Ravens light novel consist of Tokyo Ravens: Tokyo Fox, Tokyo Ravens: Sword of Song, Tokyo Ravens: Red and White, Tokyo Ravens: Another X Holiday and Tokyo Ravens: Girls Photograph.

The 24-episode TV anime adaptation of the light novel series also featured in Japan in the year 2013 of October. The Funimation Entertainment streamed the series and released in Japan. It also published on home video in North America.

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