Twitter Alternatives: Social Networking Sites Like Twitter To Enjoy In 2017

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Quick Alternative Overview

March 21, 2006

What is Twitter

Twitter is a microblogging and one of the top social networking site which allows you to broadcast your daily messages for the other Twitter users. Twitter give you to use just 140 characters to describe yourself.

Twitter just give you 140 characters to describe your idea, news, information or vie. So you have just one option, directly express yourself in short. That is why Twitter is efficient and an ocean of information.

One more thing, Twitter is not only about sharing your ideas or information. Here we listed some of the things which will help you to understand the Twitter and its role in the web.

Who Uses Each Social Media Platform

The Definition source

Microblogging is a web service that allows the subscriber to broadcast short messages to other subscribers of the service. Microposts can be made public on a Web site and/or distributed to a private group of subscribers.

Writing art of your messages on Twitter is called tweet, many times tweet also referred as tweeting. A tweet is just 140 characters long. is just launched last year in 2016, but very rapidly it is gaining fame as a Twitter alternative and the users have a very positive response after using it.

It is possible that i some years we can see in the list of the best social networking site.

Using is simple as other social networking sites are. Ok, we tell you how to use as your Twitter alternative

In the list of Twitter Alternatives 2017 “” is also a name, which is a free social networking site like twitter, facebook, google+ and others. has the same feature like Twitter where you can leave short messages for the other Mastodon users. At Mastodon, you can also create & customize your brand or personal timeline.

Bag The web is not completely Twitter Alternatives App, rather it is a content curation tool to collect stuff from the internet like images, link, videos, etc. to showcase them at one place.

Let’s ask to google, is also in the list of open source Twitter Alternatives which is made for the creators to share their creation to get more views & engagement. is an online networking service founded by Paul Budnit in 2014. The one big difference between  “” and other social networking sites that it is is ads free.

it is made with the aim of Public benefit to provide a platform the creators & professionals without any ads disturbance.

It is not just for creators, at has plenty of topics to follow so if you are hungry for information or want to stumble with something new so it can help you to discover some good stuff.

Trending: have an option where you can find trending stuff over the Ello.

Musteus, is a newly social media site, and that is why it is not so much popular like other social networking sites.

The best thing about Mustelus which make it unique from the other social networking site that you can select topics to get the notification only about the things which matter to you.

Just visit any profile and select the topics and you are done.

Can make a brand or personal profile: If you are a professional or you have a business so can create a public page to get followed by the other Musteus users.

Plurk is microblogging, and social networking service started in 2008 by Plurk, Inc. It allows you to post a link or a short message on your timeline for the other Plurk members.

Plurk has very different & unique user interface. And the messages you post here is called plurks.

You can start your account at Plurk with just a simple sign up which will only take a few minutes. Once you are done with sign up, can start your posting your Plurks.

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