Yuri on Ice Gets an Anime Film

Yuri on Ice Gets an Anime Film

Over the weekend, the Yuri on Ice stage occasion held on Saturday announces a special surprise. They mentioned in the evening show that Mappa is going to have a Yuri on ice film. According to a report, the film will not be a compilation of the TV shows, making the fans to reveal that the new story will be brought up to Yuri on Ice.

For the audience who are not familiar with Yuri on Ice, you have a lot of time to familiarize the series. The anime show released on October 2016 which involves the story of Yuri Katsuki, a young professional man who suffers from intense anxiety due to failure. He decided to take a break from sports activities after failing from Grand Prix Finale. However, things have been changed when a video of him accompanied by Victor Nikiforov who are both doing the skating routine eventually goes viral. Victor is known for his great skills in skating and decided to come to Japan to coach Yuri and help him achieve his greatest dream. The 2 became close together as they share the same passion for skating while Yuri realizes he is starting to develop feelings towards Victor.   

About the Movie

So far, there is no enough information whether the Yuri on ice anime will be able to have a second season. The possibility relies on the anime’s trailer for the first season finale.


Yuri Katsuka is bringing the hope of Japan for winning the Grand Prix Finale in Ice Skating competition. The battle ends up in defeat and eventually leads Yuri to return home in Kyushu. Due to his frustration, confused whether to continue the ice skating competition or totally retire from it. Unexpectedly, a 5-time consecutive world champion ice skater named Victor Nikiforov appears before him along with Yuri Plisetsky. Yuri is a young Russian skater who is prepared to battle his seniors and put them into a defeat. Yuri Katsyka, Yuri Plisetsky and Victor accept the challenge for upcoming Grand Prix competition.  


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