10 Ridiculously Expensive Shoes You Can't Afford

Top 10 of the most expensive footwear that people actually own.

To most of us, shoes are just a practical piece of everyday wear. They are something we put on to take the dog out, go for a run or head off to work. Most of us have at least a few pair of shoes for work, play, daily wear and special occasions. A pair of shoes may cost, on average, a hundred bucks with special examples of footwear costing us upwards of $200 or more. Of course, while most of us don’t spend too much on our footwear there are many men and women who love spending a lot on this type of fashion. To these people, shoes are like watches or cars. As some studies have shown, for these shoe-obsessed, spending around $25,000 on shoes in a lifetime is a very normal activity.
Then there are those people who put the everyday shoe aficionados to shame. These individuals are willing to spend so much on shoes that it puts almost everyone else to shame. What are they spending ridiculous sums of money on? Yes, shoes – but not just any shoes. This is footwear that comes from some of the biggest fashion designers in the world, has some of the most expensive materials used in their construction or has a back-story that makes them worth more than their weight in gold. Shoes covered in the finest leathers, gold and gem stones, made by hand and worn by famous people can end up being worth quite a bit of money to those who are willing to pay.