10 Shocking Photos of Supermodels Without Makeup

Makeup free supermodels and beauty queens shown in unretouched photos and selfies.

As you stand in the line at the grocery store waiting for the coupon queen in front of you to get twenty cents off her extra absorbent paper towels, you gaze at the gallery of fashion and fitness magazines to keep you from thinking about that bar of chocolate just out of reach. Flipping through the pages, you happen upon gorgeous women posing and advertising various apparel, perfume and jewelry. They seem almost like untouchable goddesses, who have been graced with genetics all women can be envious of. But like all careers, there has to be a time when the camera stops flashing and they can go home to be themselves, right? A time where they rid themselves of the makeup and breakout their comfy sweatpants to relax.

We hold these beautiful supermodels that walk the runway and look fierce in the pages of magazines to such high regard that sometimes we forget they are just as human as we are. They spend hours in the chairs of makeup artists and hairstylists to complete the vision of creators because after all, it is their job to be beautiful living billboards. Do they look any different when stripped of all the makeup and fancy clothes?

This video will take a shine a different light on some of the most famous and gorgeous women from around the world. What do they really look like without makeup? Are they naturally beautiful or does the camouflage of makeup work wonders? Find out now!