Dude Perfect smash 11 basketball Guinness World Records in 2 days

The YouTube stars set off to make history using the Schollmaier Arena as the stage.

Five friends from Frisco, Texas, known as Dude Perfect smashed 11 Guinness World Records while filming a video for their YouTube channel.

The list of records includes the Greatest height from which a basketball is shot and now stands at 533ft (162.45m). The shot was performed from Cotter Ranch Tower in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and bettered the previous record – Australian Brett Standord's 415ft (126.5m) – by a remarkable 118ft (35.95m). 

How do they keep coming up with this stuff? 

The bros of Dude Perfect—who have seemingly pulled off every basketball trick shot and crazy stunt in the book—are at it again, this time with a new YouTube video full of world-record feats. 

Included are random gems such as the world's longest basketball shot made with your head and the world's longest blindfolded hook shot.

The video culminates in its crowning achievement—the new world's highest basketball shot, successfully dropped into a hoop from 533 feet. 

No matter how many attempts this stuff may or may not require, it all still makes for a boss video. 

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