Official MV public of Oriraji "PERFECT HUMAN"! The reason for the geese too video my tears will not stop

After you have created the buzz in February with the release of their live performance of PERFECT HUMAN, RADIO FISH prepares the release of his album with a clip at the height of the phenomenon.

Remember, this title electro hip hop PERFECT HUMAN was released in December 2015 but had not marked the spirits. However, since the group has interpreted its title in the tv show ENGEI Grand Slam, they are literally under the spotlight. This clip live from the show already reports more than 29 million views in 3 months.

Check out the clip official of this title, which continues to make the buzz in Japan, a clip that features a lot of guest interesting as UNA and the duo AMIAYA of Asobi System, as well as KENZO of DA PUMP, who is a close friend of FISHBOY, one of the dancers of the group.

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